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10 Ways to keep your Computer Healthy

keep your Computer Healthy

Now a days we are using computers in every aspect of our lives and everyone around us is using computers as well – our friends, family, office and the list goes on.

The worst part of this scenario is that computers are made to make our lives faster, reliable and easier but, the fact is our computers  go slower with time and they become a headache as time goes on.

Have you ever wondered what went wrong?

My machine which was working like a new Ferrari in the beginning has now started acting like a bullock cart, what went wrong??

What makes our PC slow and what can we do about it

Start-up Items:

These are applications which keep on adding to our machine starting process. Increasing number of startup items will increase boot up time and hamper performance of our machine and there  may be more processes running which may not even be required.

Start Up program


It is one of the big causes which hampers performance of our system, so far so that Microsoft has included a Defragmentation utility with its OS ever since I remember, but it’s recommended to use a third part utility for better results.

Registry Clutter:

Any old system will have a lot of crap and unused registry entries which make their way in to it by repeated use of numerous software’s as almost all these software’s save their settings registration keys etc. in registry file, causing the same to be cluttered over the time.

Registry Cleaner

Number of softwares:

I have seen from my experience that almost everyone has un-used software on their machines which occupies space on HDD, consumes Processing power and also occupies space in RAM if its included in start-up list of system so we should  make it a habit of removing unwanted software from the PC, time to time.


Now a days it is recommended to have at least 4 GB of ram on systems, as our OS requirements have increased a lot, as well as software now a days need a lot of ram, so if we don’t have enough of it our system will obviously run slow.

Hardware drivers:

We should at least try to get Driver updates for our system in every 3-6 months because manufacturers enhance their software by realizing performance enhancement patches and security patches. Some also include software patched which helps them to perform better in coordination with other software’s.

Using Hibernation:

People usually don’t shutdown their machines especially their laptops due to which there gets an enormous increase in amount of swap memory and hence it starts taking lot of system resources so we should try to shut down our system on a regular basis instead of just hibernating them.

Windows 8 Power

Display settings:

We need to have this in our mind that not every software is meant to be used on a HD display with best graphics so we need to keep in mind display resolution must not be very high nor it should be very low it should be somewhere in between and if possible according to application requirements specified for e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Aftereffects, premier pro etc. However, if your system has a dedicated graphics card installed, than this does not apply to you.

Internet and Network settings:

We need to keep this in mind that we are connected to internet almost all the time these days and there is a lot of data sent and received in background, so we should keep our sync applications in control with proper recommended setting of DNS server from our service provider etc. else it will also make our system become sluggish.


Now a days all machines are built for multitasking but we should keep this in mind that every machine has its limitations and if we will open or work on limited application in any given time our system will obviously have more resource to allocate to our current task being performed.

Multi Tasking

pcIn the end I would like to conclude this article with a simple advice, just try to follow these points and I’m sure you will find a drastic change in the way your machine works.

If either of our above said process fail to crank up your PC speed and you’re still seeking a sure shot to deal with the computer slowdown issues then talk to one of our IT services solutions experts to make your PC faster as well as secure.

Please feel free to call on +91 9412235707 or you can email us at  or you can request for a call back.

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