10 Ways to keep your Computer Healthy

keep your Computer Healthy

Now a days we are using computers in every aspect of our lives and everyone around us is using computers as well – our friends, family, office and the list goes on.

The worst part of this scenario is that computers are made to make our lives faster, reliable and easier but, the fact is our computersĀ  go slower with time and they become a headache as time goes on.

Have you ever wondered what went wrong?

My machine which was working like a new Ferrari in the beginning has now started acting like a bullock cart, what went wrong??

What makes our PC slow and what can we do about it

Start-up Items:

These are applications which keep on adding to our machine starting process. Increasing number of startup items will increase boot up time and hamper performance of our machine and thereĀ  may be more processes running which may not even be required. Read More