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Paid links are considered as Unnatural links! How far you’re agreeing with Google?

No Paid Backlinks

Daily we receive mail from several freelancers & SEO firms across the globe, requesting buying legitimate back-links, here the question is, how far will they correct in their offerings if I consider them? The answer is ‘NO’ they sell low quality back-links with high page rank (only on index page) with low domain authority (DA) and low page authority (PA), irrespective of that Google guidelines are strictly against with these types of low quality back-links. We @Pacific Infotech never compromise in the quality and let these mails to go into the trash.

Beware of these kinds of joker who can never understand the value of your business.

What are paid Links?

No Paid BacklinksWhere we have to pay monies to buy a link is considered as a paid link, when a person or a company starts an informative website and spends quality time by posting authentic data and increase viewership helps gain popularity and increasing traffic, such companies offer to sell their popularity and viewership in the form of paid links.

Paid VS Non Paid

A debate on paid VS non paid is simple, where paid and non-paid link building, both are tricky and time consuming, the only difference in paid link building lies where customer is spending extra pounds to gain a link plus brand exposure both by gaining link juice from high authoritative website.

Google hates paid back links, but still people recommend them as they thinks it gives boost to brand promotion, resulting in gaining trust level with search bots and users both. How far are they correct?

More statements I’ve heard about Paid links

After Google Penguin 2.1 release, high quality links from domains with good authority level are very important to get noticed by search bots, so it is important to have a mix of paid and non-paid campaign.

‘’Paid Back-links are Very effective and that’s why highly required’’

High quality back-links from authoritative websites (Google loves most and consider them as authentic) are the back bone for not only to survive in the cut-throat competition but also these types of legitimate back-links give an extra boost to divert highly potential traffic to the website. And a good quality back link as well.

Logically paid links are not that much bad as people think about, because there are thousands of rich channels exists like Yelp DOT com, yell DOT com, freeindex and lots more who offers free as well as premium paid listing to give most out of your investments on listing of your business, and Google has never taken any action against to these authoritative websites. Why? Because they are authoritative channels in the eyes of users and people trust them, and hence whilst heading towards paid local citation sites keep in mind that the Goodwill of all sites matter in the eyes of Google, if you will ever go with the wrong decision then you will be caught and punished in several ways.

Dig yourself out of a hole!

You should take utmost care before buying any links from authoritative channels, below are some essential points which one should keep in mind when doing shopping for such back-links

  • Check domain and page authority of the concerned channel
  • Check the outbound links on the page
  • Check how popular the site is, on major social platforms
  • Check if the site is not sandboxed by Google
  • Check its Google indexed pages
  • Check how often does Google cache website pages
  • Check if the page’s content is unique
  • Choose pages that have content that is relevant to our niche.
  • Stress less on contextual back-links, but variation in the linked phrases is mandatory


Only highly authoritative channels should be considered primarily for brand exposure and its positioning, so far back-link is concerned it should be included in your secondary or tertiary goal.

Please share your views if you’re or not in-favor of paid back-links, as exchanging viewpoints may help cleaning the all mess-up done by online marketers.

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